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  • Scientists use telescopes to study stars and microscopes to study living cells. At Jefferson Lab, they use CEBAF (Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility) and three experimental halls to study the stuff of stars, cells and everything in between.

    At its heart, all the matter in the universe that we can see is built of particles called quarks and gluons. These particles combine to form the familiar protons and neutrons found in the nucleus of the atom.

  • The Chief Financial Officer Department is responsible for all Procurement and Accounting functions of Jefferson Lab including procurement, accounting, travel, and payroll.  Please find assistance from our team of highly qualified individuals within each organization below.

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    The Office of Legal Counsel serves as the primary source of legal advice and counsel to the Laboratory Director, Associate Directors and other senior management staff on all major contractual, regulatory and legal issues for Jefferson Lab.

  • Welcome to Jefferson Lab

    Jefferson Lab requires all visitors to provide the information requested for all fields in the guest register at the CEBAF Center and Support Service Center reception desks. Please note your citizenship in the space provided, and if you do not have a Jefferson Lab sponsor or business contact you must inform the receptionist.

  • Effective January 1, 2004, all applicants for a driver's license or photo ID card must show proof of U.S. Citizenship or Legal Presence in the United States. A U.S. birth certificate or unexpired U.S. passport will serve as both proof of identity and proof of legal presence. It can also be proved using a variety of other documents, such as a Certificate of Citizenship, Resident Alien Card or a valid foreign passport with a visa, I-94 or I-94W from a participating country.

  • Accelerator Operations, Research and Development

  • Light travels at 186,000 miles per SECOND!

    At nearly the speed of light, CEBAF's electron beam orbits the 7/8 mile track 5 times in about 22 millionths of a second.

    How far would it go in one second?


    In one second, CEBAF's electron beam would circle the earth 7 1/2 times!!

  • Jefferson Lab's electron beam will be aimed at targets like hydrogen, carbon, gold, and lead. What happens when the beam hits a target?

    Electron Beam