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Plan a Conference

Events, whether large or small, require planning to not only run successfully, but also to ensure Jefferson Lab follows the guidelines laid out by the Department of Energy. Event Services specializes in assisting all departments at the lab in every step of this planning process. The following guidance below should serve as helpful documents for planning events at the lab.

Due to being in a MEDCON 4/5 status, please look here for details regarding meeting restrictions.

To being, fill out the Event Submission Form to the best of your ability. This form will help inform Event Services understand the initial criteria and needs and allow us to set up the initial logistics meeting that will kick off the larger planning process. When complete, send the form to eventservices@jlab.org

Once we receive the form and review it, a team member will reach out to you with any initial questions and set up the initial logistics meeting. This meeting acts as a sync meeting where Event Services & Security can help the event chair and/or administrative staff build the list of needs and set a rough timeline of events. In addition, this is where Security personnel assess what security parameters need to apply to the event and what their role will be before, during, and after the event.

Every event has a set of needs to ensure success. Some take full-fledged off-site contracts with subcontractors and staff, while others are simply a handful of Jefferson Lab staff and users having a weekly team meeting. This page describes the tiers for different types and categories of meetings.

There are many digital platforms that can be used for a virtual meeting. Depending on the individual needs such as size of the attending group, moderation needs and which group of individuals is the meeting catered to, one of three platforms can be used. This flowchart can be used to help guide you to match the best fit between platform and needs.

For more in-depth information such a platform overviews, tutorials, and troubleshooting, please see the Jefferson Lab Computer Center website.

Example virtual meeting backgrounds can be found on the Communication Standards & Templates site.

The Jefferson Lab Event Calendar is the best place to keep everyone informed of your event. Please take the time to submit your events so that they can be seen by the lab and, when appropriate, abroad! The calendar is the best place to keep up to date on everything going on in and around the lab.

Budgets for an event can often get complex with many different funding sources, revenue and expenditures. This sheet is used by Event Services to assist in navigating all of these. 

Whether you need a quick snack for a small meeting, or a full day event filled with food and drinks, our caterer has a menu that can cover all food and drink needs. Event Services can help plan your meals based on any budget.

Jefferson Lab has many conference rooms that can accommodate your event space needs. Some can be easily arranged to suit the style that best suits the intent of the meeting or event. Take a look here for a brief overview of each room available to reserve and guidance on how to reserve a physical space at the lab.