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The 7th International Workshop on Chiral Dynamics
August 6 - 10, 2012
Jefferson Lab
Newport News, VA

Working Groups

Goldstone Bosons

Mario Antonelli (CERN)
Liping Gan (UNC Wilmington)
Jorge Portolés (IFIC, Valencia)
Urs Wenger (ITP Bern)
Date Time Speaker Title
Monday 6    
  14:00-14:20 M. Procura A scrutiny of hard pion chiral perturbation theory
  14:20-14:40 G. Ríos Determination of ChPT low-energy constants from a precise description of pion-pion scattering threshold parameters
  14:40-15:00 E. Scholz Determination of SU(2) ChPT LECs from 2+1 flavor
staggered lattice simulations
  15:00-15:20 D. Lawrence Measuring the charged pion polarizability in the
ϒ ϒ → π+π- reaction
  15:20-15:45 A. Deuzeman Light meson physics from 2+1+1 flavours of
twisted mass Wilson fermions
  15:45-16:05 D. Pocanic Update on rare decay studies in PEN
  16:05-16:30   Break
  16:30-16:50 S. Gevorkyan Pion-pion scattering lengths determination from Kaon decays
  16:50-17:15 R. Miskimen Update on high precision measurement of the
neutral Pion decay width
  17:15-17:35 C. Bernard Electromagnetic contributions to pseudoscalar masses
  17:35-17:55 K. Kampf Anomalous processes and leading logarithms
Tuesday 7    
  14:00-14:25 W. Lee Recent progress in staggered ChPT
  14:25-14:50 P. Fritzsch The Lambda parameter and strange quark mass in two-flavour QCD
  14:50-15:15 V. Cirigliano Status of Vus and Vud and implications for new physics
  15:15-15:35 P. Stoffer A dispersive treatment of Kl4 decays
  15:35-15:55 E. Passemar K - π form factors and determination of |Vus| from Τ decays
  15:55-16:30   Break
  16:30-16:50 B. Ananthanarayan Unitarity and analyticity constraints on K - π form factors
  16:50-17:15 T. Spadaro ChPT studies at NA62
  17:15-17:40 S. Bartz Three-field potential for soft-wall AdS/QCD
  17:40-18:00 A. Nyffeler Hadronic light-by-light scattering in the muon (g − 2)
  18:00-18:20 S. Lin An anomalous hydrodynamics for chiral superfluid
Wednesday 8    
  14:00-14:20 S. Fang η and η' physics at BESIII
  14:20-14:40 K. Lalwani Measurement of the branching ratio of a rare decay
η → π0ϒ ϒ with WASA-at-COSY
  14:40-15:00 L. Gan Precision measurement of η radiative decays width via Primakoff Effect
  15:00-15:20 D. Mack The outlook for improved η → π0ϒ ϒ measurements
  15:20-15:40 R. Escribano A first prediction of the electromagnetic rare decays
η' → π0ϒ ϒ and η'η' ϒ ϒ
  15:40-16:05 C.F. Redmer Studies of light meson decays at KLOE
  16:05-16:30   Break
  16:30-16:50 M. Golterman Two-pion excited state contribution to the axial vector and pseudoscalar correlators
  16:50-17:10 S. Schneider Dispersive analysis of ω/ø→ 3π decays and the ω/ø→πϒ transition form factor
  17:10-17:30 P. Ruiz-Femenia Zeros of the WLZL → WLZL amplitude : where vector resonances stand
  17:30-17:50 I. Rosell Viability of Higgsless models within the electroweak precision observables
  17:50-18:10 M. Buchoff Strongly-coupled signatures through WW scattering
  18:10-18:30 J. Tarrus Chiral Effective Theory with a light scalar
Thursday 9    
  13:30-13:50 O. Catá Electroweak symmetry breaking through strongly-coupled dynamics: and EFT approach
  13:50-14:15 A. Shindler Corrections to the Banks-Casher relation with Wilson quarks
  14:15-14:35 H. Thacker Topological charge membranes and Chiral Dynamics
  14:35-15:00 J.R. Pelaez Present status of light flavoured scalar resonances
  15:00-15:25 P. Tandy The Dyson-Schwinger Equations perspective on Chiral Dynamics in Hadron Physics
  15:30-17:30   JLab Tour


Hadron Structure and Meson Baryon Interactions

Alessandro Bacchetta (Pavia)
Bastian Kubis (ITKP Bonn)
Kostas Orginos (W&M/JLab)
Karl Slifer (New Hampshire)
Date Time Speaker Title
Monday 6    
  14:00-14:40 D. Renner Matrix elements from lattice QCD
  14:40-15:20 B. Tiburzi Lattice QCD methods for hadronic polarizabilities
  15:20-15:45 R. Miskimen Measuring spin-polarizabilities of the proton
in polarized compton scattering at MAMI-Mainz
  15:45-16:10 H. W. Griesshammer Using effective field theory to analyze low-energy Compton scattering from protons and light nuclei
  16:10-16:40   Break
  16:40-17:20 E. Mereghetti Time-reversal violation and electric dipole moments
  17:20-18:00 W. Korsch Experimental perspective on next generation EDM searches
Tuesday 7    
  14:00-14:25 D. Hornidge Asymmetries for neutral Pion photoproduction in the threshold region
  14:25-14:50 C. Fernandez-Ramirez The upper energy limit of Heavy Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory in pion photoproduction
  14:50-15:15 R. Lindgren Precision measurements of neutral Pion electroproduction near threshold: A test of Chiral QCD Dynamics
  15:15-15:55 V.E. Lyubovitskij Hadron structure in AdS/QCD
  15:55-16:25   Break
  16:25-16:50 A. Calle Cordon 1/Nc - Chiral Perturbation Theory in the one-Baryon sector
  16:50-17:15 V. Krejcirik Model-independent form factor relations at large Nc
  17:15-17:40 K. Ohtani MEM analysis of the QCD sum rule and its application to the nucleon spectrum
  17:40-18:05 M. Oka Thermal modification of bottomonium spectral functions
from QCD sum rules with the maximum entropy method
Wednesday 8    
  14:00-14:40 Ch. Weiss The transverse structure of the nucleon and ChPT
  14:40-15:20 A. Prokudin Transversity parton distribution function and chiral dynamics
  15:20-15:45 P. Zhu Instrumentation for g2p experiment
  15:45-16:10 Ch. Gu A measurement of structure function g2p at low Q2
  16:10-16:40   Break
  16:40-17:10 Ch. Ditsche Roy-Steiner equations for pion-nucleon scattering
  17:10-17:40 M. Hoferichter Dispersive analysis of the scalar form factor of the nucleon
  17:40-18:05 M.F.M. Lutz Strangeness in the baryon ground states
Thursday 9    
  13:30-13:55 M. Amaryan Photoproduction and decay of light mesons in CLAS
  13:55-14:20 D. Coderre Tests of Symmetries with η decays at WASA-at-COSY
  14:20-14:45 V. Pascalutsa Pion-mass dispersion relations in the baryon sector
  14:45-15:10 W. Melnitchouk Equivalence of pion loops in equal-time and light-front dynamics
  15:30 -17:30   JLab Tour


Few Body Physics

Andreas Nogga (Julich)
Assumpta Parreno (Univ of Barcelona)
Michele Viviani (INFN Pisa)
Henry Weller (Duke/TUNL)
Date Time Speaker Title
Monday 6    
  14:00-14:25 J. Tarrus Chiral extrapolation of the nucleon-nucleon S-wave scattering lengths
  14:25-14:50 J. Haidenbauer Hyperon-nucleon Interaction in Chiral EFT
  14:50-15:15 D. Lee Chiral effective field theory on the lattice: Ab initio calculations of nuclei
  15:15-15:35 W. Zimmerman Direct observation of a new 2+ state in 12C through
the 12C + ϒ→3α reaction
  15:35-15:55 A. Filin Chiral perturbation theory calculation of NN → NNπ
at next-to-next-to-leading order
  16:00-16:30   Break
  16:30-16:55 M. Hoferichter Charge symmetry breaking in pion-deuteron scattering
and the pion-nucleon scattering lengths
  16:55-17:20 T. Daniels Polarized proton scattering from polarized 3He
  17:20-17:45 M. Gericke Experimental tests of hadronic parity violation
  17:45-18:05 B-Wei Long Renormalization and power counting of chiral nuclear forces
  18:05-18:25 J. Gegelia NN scattering problem in EFT reformulated
Tuesday 7    
  14:00-14:25 Y. Ilieva Photodisintegration of light nuclei
  14:25-14:50 S. Koelling Chiral effective field theory for EM currents and form factors
  14:50-15:15 S. Pastore GFMC calculations of EM moments and M1 transitions in A ≤ 9 nuclei
  15:15-15:35 F. Myhrer Radiative corrections to anti-neutrino proton scattering at low energies
  15:35-15:55 Y-Ho Song Parity violation in radiative neutron capture on deuteron
  16:00-16:30   Break
  16:30-16:55 L.E. Marcucci Theoretical studies of muon capture on light nuclei
  16:55-17:20 H.R. Weller The Compton@HIGS program
  17:20-17:45 L. Myers Compton scattering with tagged photons at MAX-lab
  17:45-18:10 S. Bacca Neutron-rich He isotopes based on hyperspherical harmonics
Wednesday 8    
  14:00-14:25 C. Howell Neutron-deuteron breakup: A probe of the neutron-neutron interaction
  14:25-14:50 M. Schindler Hadronic parity violation in effective field theory
  14:50-15:15 H. Krebs The role of spin-3/2 field in chiral nuclear forces
  15:15-15:35 A. Gasparyan A new approach to chiral two-nucleon dynamics
  15:35-15:55 R. Navarro-Perez Nucleon-nucleon chiral two pion exchange potential vs coarse grained interactions
  15:55-16:30   Break
  16:30-16:55 M. Antonelli Determination of CP and CPT violation parameters in the neutral kaon system using the Bell-Steinberger relation and WA data
  16:55-17:20 J. Wasem Lattice QCD calculation of nuclear parity violation
  17:20-17:45 S. Meinel Axial couplings and strong decay widths of heavy hadrons
Thursday 9    
  13:30-13:55 P. Valderrama Two-nucleon scattering in effective field theory: searching for the power counting
  13:55-14:20 E. Ruiz-Arriola Nuclear symmetries and the similarity renormalization group
  14:20-14:40 I. Mazumdar Evolution of Efimov states in 2n halo nuclei - A general study
  14:40-15:05 Z. Davoudi Restoration of rotational symmetry
  15:30 -17:30   JLab Tour